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Small Hinges LIVE

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

In case you missed it on FB or INSTA, I will post my LIVE stream videos here, but please feel free to join me @lindzoneill on weekdays. LIVE VIDEOS are here!

EPISODE 1 - Tues 3.24 - Tacos & Tequila

Small Hinges -

  1. Tacos - swap out regular beef, for grass-fed organic beef it's lower in fat, and higher in immune-boosting enzymes like Zinc, B Vitamins & Iron - AND - make sure your tortillas are organic to avoid harmful chemicals/fertilizers that strip your healthy gut!

  2. Tequila - swap out wine & beer for the lower calorie Tequila (100% agave), and add immune boosting ingredients like citrus fruit (lime and grapefruit) that are high in vitamin C - which increase white blood cells that fight off viruses!

FB LIVE Video -

EPISODE 2 - Weds 3.25 - Wacky Workout Wednesday!

Small Hinges -

  1. Be Wacky - If you can't beat them, join them. This is a stressful time, laughing more will only help improve your wellness, laughter is the best medicine. Dress up, be silly, play games, act like a kid, and feel the stress shake away!

  2. Workout Wednesday - Enroll your family, friends or housemates in making a game out of exercise. Today I played the Exercise version of Left, Right, Center. Make exercise fun and focus on family. Working out boosts serotonin and makes you happy!

Work out with my peeps: Mike Doody or Laura Hersh

FB LIVE Video -

EPISODE 3 - Thurs 3.26 - Thirsty Thursday!

Small Hinges -

  1. If you're gonna drink booze, choose something "healthish" - clear liquor like 100% agave tequila and vodka, with calorie-light mixers that add immune boosting Vitamin C - like sparkling water, fresh lime, lemon, grapefruit, and orange.

  2. Skip the booze and drink relaxing tea - DAYTIME, NIGHTTIME, contact me for my CBD. Also, love Kombucha for gut health!

FB LIVE Video -

EPISODE 4 - Fri 3.27 - Fishy Friday!

Small Hinges -

  1. Eat more fish - low calorie, high protein, high in manganese (reduce risk of disease), high OMGEA and add olive oil and lemon for added antioxidant and Vitamin C.

  2. Grilling fish - use whole fish, and make sure grill is clean (get it hot)... stuff cavity with fresh herbs and lemon for added flavor and nutritional value!

FB LIVE Video -

EPISODE 5 - Mon 3.30 - Meaty Monday - Celebrating my fave carnivore with a nice juicy steak!

Small Hinges -

  1. Eat Grass fed/Organic for optimal nutrition, vitamin boost, and less fat & harmful stuff... Dr. Axe says:

" lean grass-fed strip steak (214 grams) contains about:"

  • 250 calories

  • 49.4 grams protein

  • 5.8 grams fat

  • 14.3 milligrams niacin (72 percent DV)

  • 1.4 milligrams vitamin B6 (70 percent DV)

  • 45.1 micrograms selenium (64 percent DV)

  • 7.7 milligrams zinc (52 percent DV)

  • 454 milligrams phosphorus (45 percent DV)

  • 2.7 micrograms vitamin B12 (45 percent DV)

  • 4 milligrams iron (22 percent DV)

  • 732 milligrams potassium (21 percent DV)

  • 1.5 milligrams pantothenic acid (15 percent DV)

  • 49.2 milligrams magnesium (12 percent DV)

2. Stay connected - You don't have to wait for a birthday to celebrate your friendships and family! Try to connect with at least one person per day. Call a friend, set up a group Zoom/House Party, and join me LIVE on FB & Insta every weekday at 5PM ET!

FB LIVE Video -

EPISODE 6 - Tues 3.31 - Devo's Chicken Taco Tuesday!

* My friend Devon loves chicken so much, her family bought her a live chicken for her birthday a few years back. Today's episode is dedicated to you Devo!

Small Hinges -

  1. Use more spices, to use less salt - If you eat too much salt, the extra water stored in your body raises your blood pressure. So, the more salt you eat, the higher your blood pressure. The higher your blood pressure, the greater the strain on your heart, arteries, kidneys and brain. This can lead to heart attacks, strokes, dementia and kidney disease. Use healthy spices like turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, coriander, cloves, nutmeg, cayenne pepper, chipotle pepper, and others to add flavor without adding too much salt!

  2. Use lean protein + extra veggies to make Healthy Comfort Food - All of my clients have heard me say this a million times before - the best way to eat healthier is to stick to lean organic protein, whole grains, and fresh fruits and veggies. This chicken chili packs a flavor and nutritional punch with lots of veggies, organic lean protein and whole grain corn chips!

FB LIVE Video -

EPISODE 7 - Thurs 4.2 - Juicy Thirsty Thursday!

Small Hinges -

  1. Give me the juice - YO, it's all about the fiber! Want to know why fat-based and carb-counting diets don't work, they do not give you what you really need to heal and stimulate your digestive system: FIBER! Fresh pressed juice from fruits and veggies gives you an instant infusion of essential vitamins, nutrients and FIBER. Try: apple, clementine, carrot & beet!

  2. A Non-Alcoholic Euphoric Cocktail?- Before Covid-19 I was practicing intermittent sobriety HA! I had cut back on drinking during the week, and only drank 1 or 2 cocktails on weekends. Since Covid-19 and lock-down, I've been drinking A LOT. I searched for a non-alcoholic beverage that would help me relax and calm down, that was delicious and light in calories/sugar, and something I could swap out for a nightly glass of wine (or 3). I found KIN EUPHORICS!

FB LIVE Video -

EPISODE 8 - Fri 4.3 - Freezer Friday!

Small Hinges -

  1. Keep it Fresh - when freezing fresh foods, try vacuum sealing, or at elast squeeze the air out of the container/bag, before freezing. Invest in a deep freezer, or organize the items you need more near the top/front, and items you do not plan on using in the back.

  2. Plan Ahead! - Don't get caught off guard - "I'd like to make chicken tonight. Oh wait, it's frozen solid. Guess I'm eating Doritos and spray cheese."... plan meals ahead so you defrost the exact amount of food you need. Or prepare fresh food into re-heatable meals into single servings so you only have to defrost what you need for that day!

FB LIVE Video -

EPISODE 9 - Mon 4.6 - Motivation Monday w/ The Mr. Abe!

Small Hinges -

  1. Marines Mentality (Lindz) - are your friends and family members dragging your down and causing you more anxiety. Stay focused on surrounding yourself with positive and like-minded people! My husband is super motivated to work out and stay active, and it's been rubbing off on me!

  2. Self Audit (Abe) - Just like the IRS audit's your finances, you can audit your life - multiple times a day - figure out what's right, wrong, happy, helpful, and what your strengths, weaknesses and gifts you have to hone and share with the world!

FB LIVE Video -

EPISODE 10 - Tues 4.7 - Try Something New Tuesday!

Small Hinges -

  1. Try a new Food - I have star charts for my kids. They earn stars by doing their chores, being kind and patient, and for trying new things. My middle daughter is the pickiest eater I've ever met... and so she's inspired this SMALL HINGE tip - try a new fruit, veggie, fish, herb, and do it in a mindful way, then decide if you love it or hate it! I'm trying fresh squeezed watermelon Tequila for Tequila Tuesday LOL!

  2. Try a new Activity - I get stuck in my routine, even in quarantine I've found myself struggling to step outside of my comfort zone when it comes to exercise. I only do yoga, tennis and walking! But yesterday I went for a run, my first run in over a year, and it felt great!

FB LIVE Video -

EPISODE 11 - Weds 4.8 - Wellness Wednesday - Laughter is the BEST Medicine.

Small Hinges -

  1. Laughter is good for your Heart! - "The endothelium," Dr. Michael Miller explains, "regulates blood flow and adjusts the propensity of blood to coagulate and clot. In addition, it secretes assorted chemicals in response to wounds, infection or irritation. It also plays an important role in the development of cardiovascular disease. So given the results of our study, it is conceivable that laughing may be important to maintain a healthy endothelium. And reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease."

  2. Laughter also helps us connect and reduce stress, 2 vitally important hinges we need, especially NOW - "... At the very least, Dr. Miller adds, "laughter offsets the impact of mental stress, which is harmful to the endothelium."

Stay safe. Laugh often. Happy Passover!

FB LIVE Video -

EPISODE 12 - Thurs 4.9 - Thankful & Thirty Thursday !

Small Hinges -

  1. Drink more water! Are you Thirsty? Drinking at least 32 oz of water per day can help improve your physical/digestive health, cognitive brain function, appearance of skin, and help you lose weight!

  1. Gratitude is good for you - I'm grateful for you! Studies show that Gratitude can improve your mental & physical health, help you sleep better, and opens you up to more productive relationships.

FB LIVE Video -

EPISODE 13 - FRI 4.10 - FRESH & FUN Friday!

Small Hinges -

1. Make "Forced Family Fun" - Actually Fun- do things together like play games, baking, building with LEGO, go for walks, play outside, sit and have a family dinner. Instead of viewing it as annoying or frustrating, make the most out of it and have some fun!

2. FRESH Giveaway - 🐰What’s more fun than a#giveaway?! ✅By tomorrow (Saturday April 11th) at 9PM ET...

Post your favorite Fresh Veggie dish tag me @lindzoneill and hashtag:#chefsgardento be entered to win a BOX from the @the_chefs_garden_ohio worth $89 shipped directly to your home!

What was in my box: carrots, beets, cucumber, kohlrabi, spinach, snap peas, kale, sweet potatoes, radish, edible flowers and more!

FB LIVE Video -

EPISODE 14 - Mon 4.13 - Motivation Monday (Morning)

Small Hinges -

  1. Do & Say - Get dressed, showered, work out, take B12, eat breakfast, do your hair/makeup, and write a checklist for the day! Get yourself up to have to be ready to go by 9AM! Say positive things like my Poppa - look in the mirror "I feel great, I am great, and gosh darn-it, I LOOK great!".

  2. Feel - Say a prayer or think about what you are grateful for. For example it's pouring rain here and it's easy to get mad at the weather, but instead I chose to pray for the people who had tornados and flooding rip through their towns over the weekend, and then my rain doesn't seem so bad.

FB LIVE Video -

EPISODE 15 -Tues 4.14 - Two Tips for Try Everything Tuesday

Similar to last week but with a 2 TIPS for you to try today. When I was sick and diagnosed with Auto immune disease I could have given up.... but that was not an option for me. When my daughter Brynn started to get chronic infections at age 3, I could’ve had her on massive drugs for the duration of her childhood, but that was not an option in my mind... in both cases what did I do?

I tried everything... because you never know what will work!

Small Hinges -

  1. Eliminate Inflammatory Foods - gluten, dairy, soy, nightshades, eggs

  2. Beef up on Essential Vitamins – D w/ K2, B12, and Immune Boosting: C, Iron, Zinc

FB LIVE Video -

EPISODE 16 - Weds 4.15 - Wacky Wellness Wednesday!

Small Hinges -

  1. BLUE Spirulina Smoothie - If you are not allergic to seafood, and love a FUN colored, delicious and SUPER healthy smoothie, check out this Blue Spirulina Smoothie with a frozen banana, Love & Peas Protein Powder, organic almond milk, and a Blue Spirulina blend-able tab. CHECK with your doctor first, but taking/eating Spirulina may improve your levels of blood lipids, suppress oxidation, reduce blood pressure and lower blood sugar.

  2. SUPER Smoothies - Smoothies are a GREAT was to start your day and infuse nutrition (Soluble Fiber + Lean Protein) into your day, to help you live a healthier life! You can add: fresh fruit, vegetable juice, avocado, fresh spinach, Spirulina, probiotics, ground flax or chia, nut/seed butters, organic milks, etc.

FB LIVE Video -

EPISODE 17 - Thurs 4.16 - Throwout Thursday!

Small Hinges -

  1. Throw out or giveaway junk food - If you don't have it in your house, you won't eat it. So get rid of things you don't WANT to eat, and then you won't :)

  2. DON'T throw out fruits & veggies - Don't let your fresh foods go bad. when fruits like pears or apples start getting mushy, juice them or cut them up and put them in a parfait. With berries you can freeze them and use them in smoothies. Citrus you can squeeze and use in a juice beverage or cocktail. Veggies you can cut off any back parts and either freeze for later, or toss into a stir fry!

FB LIVE Video -

EPISODE 18 - Monday 4.20 - Mental Health Monday CHALLENGE!

Small Hinges -

  1. Be there for someone else... Mental wellness has always been an important - but stigma heavy - issue in my life. And now more than ever we need to support and care for each other… not just in our physical needs and health, but our soul, our spirit and our heart. We are all dealing with added stress, anxiety, fear and sadness. Instead of getting swallowed by our pain, turn it into PURPOSE. Use your pain to connect deeply with others, to help them address their own pain and maybe even to help save a life.

  2. Helping others makes you feel GOOD - CHALLENGE - reach out to one person today who you feel may need a friend. Tell them you are thinking of them, and send them love and happiness. Make them laugh. Ask how you can be most helpful to them. Give them positive reinforcement and LISTEN.

By helping others we help ourselves FEEL GOOD. We set up our day and our week on a positive note, and feel grateful for our own purpose & perspective through pain.

FB LIVE Video -

EPISODE 19 - Tues 4.21 - Takeout Tuesday!

Small Hinges -

  1. SUPPORT LOCAL - as a mom and a chef I've taken to cooking 90% of the meals for my family during lock down, but what about my favorite local restaurants and markets? My tip is pick 2 nights/days a week to order take out from a local restaurant. Rotate through the restaurants to make sure you are spreading the love! And if you have an elderly neighbor, or first responder, order them something too.

  2. Make it safe & healthy - if you can't pick it up, you can get delivery from Uber Eats Door Dash and Grubhub. Make sure you wear a mask & gloves to pick up or to meet the delivery person. If your kids want pizza, order a large salad with grilled chicken, or GF pasta with broccoli rape and sausage. You can eat good and still eat healthy while staying safe!

FB LIVE Video -

EPISODE 20 - Weds 4.22 - Workout Wednesday w Mike Doody & HAPPY Earth Day!

Small Hinges -

  1. Try to see the silver-linings - When you're in the Sh*t, it's hard to see the good in the world. On this Earth Day lets try to focus on the positive that is coming from this global crisis - less pollution, a global focus on health and wellness, more time with family, get more done WFH, focus inward on self-care & development...

  2. Workout - even for 10 minutes a day - Good for your mental and physical health, for immunity, for endurance, for strength, and for confidence. Mike Doody is my husband's personal trainer, owner of Trinity Fitness in Rye, NY and Partner at Rye Health & Fitness - and he's about to kick my butt!


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