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Patient on Scale

Advanced Surgeons is a weight loss and bariatric surgery practice with offices in New York. 

Advanced Surgeons & Small Hinges partnered to provide a concierge weight loss plan for sustainable and supported transformations.


Love to eat well, but don’t have the time or interest in cooking? The Market at Gus’s has the answer.


NOW, you can purchase small hinges meals and smoothie starter packs @ Gus's Market in Harrison NY

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make it spicy


Rip it. Simmer it. Savor it. And your done. The most delicious spice packs on the market that actually have amazing recipes on the back of the pack! 

Organic spice mixes:

10% OFF Code:


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Not just looking for food advice? Check out the Fire and Iron Man website for insightful tips, tools, recipes, training advice and more. Eat better + Move more = Optimal Health.

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