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Crush inflammation, lose weight & gain vitality...

with personalized food inflammation testing and a customized bioindividual data-driven health plan that addresses YOUR unique inflammatory triggers.

Because you don’t have to change EVERYTHING to change everything.

Not sure if inflammation is sabotaging your weight loss efforts?

After years of struggling with pain, bloating, digestive issues, stress, anxiety, and fatigue I learned that inflammation was at the root of my health issues.

I almost gave up on my health after years of trying elimination and anti-inflammatory diets, and working with several doctors to manage my inflammation. It was just too expensive and complicated! I kept thinking...


Using my expertise in data and Ai for programmatic technology, I created the small hinges method: data-driven, personalized health solutions that are sustainable LONG TERM. 

I healed my inflammation, by removing MY key inflammatory triggers and making small changes to my diet & lifestyle.


Small hinges swing big doors after all!


What I specialize in

When you identify your bioindividual inflammatory food triggers and begin to eradicate them, as well as address other inflammatory lifestyle factors, you’re likely to alleviate all symptoms of chronic inflammation which include:


Weight gain

Inflammation contributes to insulin resistance, which leads to elevated glucose levels, liver fat accumulation, and weight gain.


Chronic pain

Chronic inflammation can damage cells and cause swelling of tissues that press up on nearby nerve endings resulting in pain.

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Fatigue & brain fog

Inflammation causes an ongoing immune response, which is energetically extensive and leaves your body and brain feeling drained.


Stress & anxiety

Inflammation results in oxidative stress which sends distress signals to the brain resulting in experienced stress and anxiety.



Chronic bloating may be caused by inflammation of the stomach, food sensitivities, or a damaged intestinal barrier.



Cytokines, the compund released during an inflammatory response, have been shown to interfere with sleep duration and depth, as well as cause wakefulness.


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6 Months 1:1 Coaching

Personalized coaching to identify your inflammation triggers and keep you accountable.

  • 2 x 1:1 sessions per month for 6 months.

  • Access to and interpretation of food inflammation and gut barrier tests at wholesale cost.

  • Data-driven personalized wellness plan.

Food Inflammation & Gut Barrier Tests

​Functional testing that pin-points your individual inflammation triggers.

  • Test inflammatory response to up to 176 foods and additives.

  • Test gut permeability.

Online Programs

Programs that are designed to help you reach your goals 

  • Crush Inflammation Challenge

  • Overeating/Binging Hypnotherapy

  • Relationships/ Boundaries Hypnotherapy

  • Wealth & Abundance Hypnotherapy