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Don't Be a FOOL About Your Health

The official launch of coming soon!

You want to Live Better, Longer... but don't know where to start...

It's April Fools Day... but this is no joke!

Introducing Wellness Eternal, the first digital directory of Wellness Solutions for Wellness Seekers (WE Pages) AND and experiential WE Showplace in Valhalla, NY.

WE know that your journey to optimal health is bio-individual, and the road is often lonely and hard to travel. There are so many ways to diagnose and treat acute & chronic illness... and there are so many new tools to bio-hack you health.

So where do you start? And how do you navigate this journey successfully?

Yeli Aguirre and Lindsay O'Neill have partnered to bring you to help be your guide in the wild-world of health & wellness.


Wellness Eternal's WE Pages Directory is the first online directory of Wellness Solutions, intended to make finding the right diagnostics, supplements, bio-energetics, medical-grade solutions easy! With hundreds of listings (coming soon - April 15th, 2024) and the ability to create a FREE "Wellness Seeker" profile, those of us looking for the right wellness solutions can easily identify and connect with those companies in one place!

Read unbiased ratings and reviews, research and case/clinical studies, and learn more about how different wellness solutions can help you Live Better, Longer!


With hundreds of Wellness Solutions available to bio-optimize our personal and professional lives and practices, we may never have the chance to experience them first hand.

At the WE Showplace you can try before you buy!

Visit our 1,200 sq. ft. location a half hour north of NYC, custom curated to include cutting-edge technologies and wellness solutions like PEMF, Grounding, RedLight, HyperBaric, VibroAcoustic Sound, Infrared Sauna, Cold Therapies, Virtual Reality, Diagnostics, Quantum Energy Healing, Culinary Medicine, Best-in-Class Supplements, Aroma Therapy, Meditation/Mindfulness, Nano-Particle Technology and MORE...

Lindsay & Yeli have hand-selected each solution for you to experience in an art-gallery-like exhibit. Doors open to Wellness Seekers (individuals, spas, wellness centers, medical practitioners, gyms, country clubs, etc.) on April 15th, 2024.

Want to learn more about the WE team - CLICK HERE!

WE hope to see you soon!

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