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Sneaky Healthy Pancakes

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

The holidays are filled with cookies and candy... and sugar-crazed children. Get their day started with these nutrition packed gluten free pancakes! (shhhh, I eat them too!)

My parents got divorced when I was 9, and my dad couldn't cook to save his life, so as the eldest sibling I had to step in and help out in the kitchen.

One of the first things I learned to cook were pancakes. Obviously from a mix - probably Bisquick (just add water). Cooking pancakes is an art. You want to cook them all the way through, but don't want to burn them. Crispy & fluffy at the same time.

Getting the perfect pancake can take work, and I'll share my secrets with you here... but cooking gluten free pancakes can be even more of a challenge.

**First, let me share the #1 rule: start on medium heat, and wait to flip until the edges are cooked and there is at least one bubble in the middle.

*Second, you need to make sure your batter is not too thick or thin. I use 1/2 plant milk (you can use organic regular milk) and 1/2 cold water. The batter should not be clumpy and it should coat a spoon.

Lastly, do NOT use canola or other seed oils. Olive or avocado oil work fine at medium heat.

Okay, so here's what you'll need:

Other ingredients -

  • 1 - 2 organic free-range eggs

  • 2 cups organic oat, almond or coconut milk

  • Optional: 1 tsp of each: ground flax, ground chia, hemp seeds

  • Olive or coconut oil

Let's get cookin' -

  1. Heat a non-stick / non-toxic pan over medium heat

  2. Coat pan with a few drops of oil

  3. Mix together 2 cups Pamela's, 2 scoops Arbonne protein, and optional fiber/nutrition boosters (flax, chia, hemp)

  4. Whisk together 1 egg and "milk" - then combine with dry ingredients* (see above)

  5. Use a tablespoon to spoon mixture on to the pan - one tablespoon full at a time

  6. Place 5 - 7 chocolate chips in each pancake

  7. Flip pancakes when ready** (see above)

  8. Enjoy plain or with a touch of ALL natural maple syrup

Your kids will love these - and will have a healthy dose of protein, fiber and omega 3 & 6 as well as branch amino acids and vitamins!

Wishing you a Happy & Healthy Holiday!

Love & yum,


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