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Healthy tuna salad

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

The majority of the mayonaise you buy in grocery stores is at least 2/3rds vegetable oil. Oils like soybean, sunflower, and peanut are high in omega-6 fats.

Too many omega-6 fats in relation to omega-3 fats is inflammatory. Seed oils are in almost all processed foods so it's easy to eat too much of them.

Avocados on the other hand are👇👇👇

🥑High in nutrients like healthy fats, antioxidants (vitamins C and E, and lutein) potassium and magnesium.

🥑High in fiber, supporting digestive health.

🥑Improve satisfaction and satiety of a meal, which can be helpful in weight management.

Plus they’re so creamy and delicious, making them a great mayo substitute in your tuna salad!

Top view of healthy tuna salad in a lettuce cup

Here’s how to make a healthy tuna salad:

Combine canned tuna, chopped cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, and fresh herbs of choice in a large bowl.

In a separate bowl, mash 2 avocados with the juice of 1 lemon/lime, and 1 tsp Dijon/wholegrain mustard.

Fold avo into tuna salad ingredients and season with salt and pepper to taste.

You could add a touch of mayo if you wanted to, (small sustainable steps towards a healthy life is of most importance!) but this is seriously good as is.

Serve on sourdough, with pasta, in lettuce cups, in wraps - the possibilities are endless!

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