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Chocolate berry yogurt bark

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Omg, this yogurt bark couldn’t be easier to throw together, and it’s such a healthy summer treat. Kinda like tray set froyo!

Top view close up of chocolate berry yogurt bark

All you have to do is spread roughly 500g of Greek yogurt in a lined freezer safe container, drizzle about half a slab of melted dark chocolate over the yogurt, and then dot 2 handfuls of fresh berries through.

Freeze for about 2 hrs, then cut your yogurt bark into squares and keep in freezer for snacking!

Your kids will enjoy it too, but if you, or they have a sweeter tooth, sweeten yogurt with honey or maple syrup before freezing.

Dairy, especially cows’s dairy, is an inflammatory trigger to many of my clients; in which case sheep or goat’s milk are better choices.

Do a Food Inflammation Test to identify your unique food inflammation triggers. Did you know even healthy foods like fruits and veggies can be uniquely inflammatory to YOU?

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