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Summer Grilling Recipes

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Our TOP 5 Recipes for a Happy & Healthy Summer (yes, we even have grilled potatoes!)

What does grilling mean to you? Out of 100 people asked, almost 100% of them said: Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Steak, Chicken and Chops. ALL MEAT!

While grilling is a great way to sear off the fat of animal protein, and boost delicious flavors, we need a little variety in our diet - ummm, like VEGGIES.

Here are 5 of my FAVORITE grilled recipes for a Happy & Healthy Summer 2022...

#1 - Grilled Potatoes w/ Chipotle Crema (Vegan)

#2 - Grilled Salmon Kabobs

#3 - Grilled Garlic Zucchini

#4 - Grass Fed Lamb Kabobs

#5 - Grilled Antipasto

Enjoy a happy & healthy summer... now get outside and GET GRILLIN'!

Love & Yum,

Lindsay O'Neill

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