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What's Up Doc?

If you don't ask GOOD questions, how can you expect to get good care?

I am not a doctor, but I have been a lifelong patient, and a recent partner to doctors throughout my Culinary Medicine practice. Here's my Top 3 Tips to help you ask better questions of your doc so that you can get better, and live healthier, faster!

Tip #1 - Be prepared.

Have your questions (open-ended, not "yes" or "no") ready to go, written down, prior to your appointment. Bring a notepad & pen to take notes too.

Here's an example:

* How have I improved since the last visit?

* What are the risks associated with this treatment?

* I've been feeling (this way)___, why do you think that could be?

* What would be your recommendations for this?

* What are the next steps in my care plan?

* Are there any other specialists you recommend I speak with, and why?

Tip #2 - Get 3 options.

If your doctor gives you a diagnosis or a single idea/prescription/plan, don't settle for just 1 option! Get at least 3. 1 option is NOT a choice. 2 options is a dilemma. 3 options allows you to think on what the BEST choice is for you.

For example (weight loss for clinical obese w/ at least 2 co-morbidities):

* Option 1 - Bariatric surgery

* Option 2 - Weight loss Medication + Diet & Exercise modification

* Option 3 - Supplements + Diet & Exercise plan

Tip #3 - Sleep on it!

Don't do anything in haste. The worst decisions are made from a place of fear. And if you are being asked to pay a lot of $$, you may also get pressured to "act now" or take advantage of a "special offer". Falling prey to hasty decisions when it comes to your health can often have a more negative impact that positive!

You know what's best for you. Take time to sit with your options. See how each feels for YOU. Not for your mom, sister, uncle, brother, daughter, best friend, cousin, etc. Do what is best for YOU. Period. Then when you make a decision, make it powerfully, without hesitation.

To work with me 1-on-1, and get specific guidance on living a LONG & Healthy (and Happy) life, schedule a call or book a 1-on-1 package. CLICK HERE.

Wishing you lots of Love & Yum!

Lindsay O'Neill

Founder of Small Hinges LLC

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