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Culinary Medicine Food Delivery

small hinges swing a BIG door - you don't have to change everything to change everything

I've created a customizable program for individuals, families and offices to receive easy-to-follow meal plans, pre-portioned (and delicious) food, and one-on-one consults with me.

"It's SO easy and SO delicious. Each week I get customized meals delivered to my home, portioned out, with an easy-to-follow sheet that tells me what to eat and when. In the first week I lost over 5lbs and have WAY more energy. I'm also learning a lot about what MY BODY needs, and how I can live healthier forever!" ~ KF

Here's some more info:

Download • 178KB

To get started, please fill out THIS HEALTH SURVEY

I will contact you to discuss the plan that is right for you. You can also contact me at

Wishing you lots of love & yum!



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