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Seven Small Hinge Tips

Join a cohort of people also dealing with crippling symptoms of chronic inflammation like stubborn weight gain, body pain, fatigue, hair and skin issues, digestive struggles, brain fog, and anxiety. 


During this 6 week program Lindsay will lead you through daily small hinge challenges to reduce inflammation by way of diet and lifestyle adjustments, as well as toxin, detox, and gut barrier education.


Lindsay will also offer weekly live Q&A sessions so that you can ask more personal questions and learn from the struggles of the rest of your Crush Inflammation community. 


Choose to do the program with the Food Inflammation Test (FIT) at additional cost, or without. The FIT offers the benefit of already knowing what foods are uniquely inflammatory to you before starting the program. 


Without it, you will still gain extensive knowledge on what foods are triggering to you by means of elimination and eventual gentle reintegration. You will also learn about foods and lifestyle habits that are generally inflammatory to most people.


In week 5 of the program you will have the opportunity to book a 1:1 coaching session with Lindsay to evaluate where you’re at in the journey and get further personalized clarity.


You will have lifetime access to the program so that you can go back to start the program all over again as many times as you like, or check in with relevant challenges whenever you need to brush up on relevant information.


With up to 80% of illnesses linked to chronic inflammation, reducing your risk of exposure to unnecessary inflammation is vital to longevity. 

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