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1-on-1 Program

Are you struggling with stubborn weight gain, bloating, low energy and libido, skin and hair problems, body pain, and insomnia?


Do you feel like you’ve tried multiple things, and seen numerous practitioners, but feel more confused and less understood than ever before?


All you want is to feel energized and vibrant, but at the moment that feels so far out of reach. 


It’s not! 

Up to 80% of all diseases are linked to chronic inflammation, which could very well be your missing link.


Lindsay’s 3 month 1:1 journey aims to alleviate your health and wellness symptoms at root cause by identifying your bio-individual chronic inflammatory triggers.


This program includes:

  • Initial 1 – 1.5 hour meeting to review and set up small hinges

  • $400 Food Inflammation Test which cover 176 foods, additives and colorings (IgG, IgA & C3D protein),  Gut Barrier/ Leaky Gut Test (Zonulin, Occludin & Candida) 

  • 7 Day Meal Plan

  • Data collection / gathering

  • 5 subsequent 1-on-1 meetings (6 total) – 45 minutes, every other week for 3 months (2 per month)

  • App for tracking small hinges/ goals, journal entries, meeting notes, scheduling, food pictures/tracking

  • App can also be used for direct communication with coach 24/7

The program costs $888 per month, or if paid for upfront you receive a 17% discount at just $2,222.

Click to get started and fill out our quick form to receive a free discovery call and find out what small hinges can change your life.

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