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What happens when you stop drinking booze?

I'm taking a break... or maybe even a series of breaks... from drinking alcohol. Why? I feel better, look better, have more energy, and can focus better when I do not drink.

Eating Well has a quick video on the benefits of taking a break from drinking:

Here's a recap of the benefits:

You May Lose Weight, Sleep Better, Better Support Your Immune System, Stay Better Hydrated, Have a Reduced Cancer Risk...

This is a GREAT small hinge to implement in your life, here's what I'm doing:

1) No weekday drinking, for as long as I want

2) No hard alcohol, only 1 glass of red wine with a delicious meal

3) Drink water in between sips of wine

4) Make mock-tails (12 Recipes from Eating Well)

5) Be upfront with friends/family about taking a break

Want to join me? REACH out and let me know!

Love & yum,


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