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Welcome to my Ted Talk...

I never thought this would be my life. Single mom, 3 amazing kids, wellness practice, board member, partner in a new cutting edge energy healing company, and now... a Ted Talk?

TEDxBayonne is an annual independently organized TED conference that brings together the world’s leading thinkers and doers to share ideas that matter in any subject.

We're making TEDxBayonne a catalyst for Bayonne’s progress as a community and are serving to inspire people to change their lives, their futures and ultimately their world.

The 2023 theme is — FUTURE? FUTURE!.

This year, we’re going to explore stories and ideas that will restore our optimism in “tomorrow”, help us return to the things that matter most in our lives, and more importantly, present solutions and paradigms that will guide us in building a future worth getting excited about.

Featuring the following speakers and talks:

"What No One Tells You About Your Twenties" by Livi Redden

Synopsis: The fact of the matter is many of the biggest decisions that leave a long-lasting impact on our lives generally occur in our teens and twenties– college, career, marriage, moving out, handling finances, having children, and so on. Despite all the decision-making, this time of our lives doesn't have to be so confusing and anxiety-driven. In her talk, Livi explains that a few mindset shifts and some intentional emotional development can eradicate so much of that unease and help young adults build the joyful, fulfilling future they deserve.
About the Speaker: Livi Redden is an author, speaker, and podcaster that guides teens and twentysomethings on how to intentionally steer their life through the power of emotional development, mindfulness, and accountability so they can live the fulfilling, joyful life they deserve.

"Safeguarding Your Digital Life Through Effective Online Hygiene" by Megs Shah

Synopsis: We scatter information across the internet daily without realizing the serious online dangers that can result. Data is growing at an exponential rate and so are online crimes such as human trafficking, extortion, and abuse. In her talk, Megs urges people to take back control of their information and digital lives through more rigorous online hygiene practices so they can better protect their loved ones and live a safer and healthier life.
About the Speaker: Megs Shah is an award-winning entrepreneur, technologist, mom and a survivor of child sexual abuse with over 20 years of experience building digital and data products. Through her platform, The Parasol Cooperative, globally recognized by the UN Women and Forbes, she hopes to protect lives through technology and raise awareness to survivors and their families.

"Active Hope: How to Win Your Mental Battles" by Brian Nandy

Synopsis: Brian’s talk is about activating and cultivating hope to overcome psychological difficulties. His presentation is centered around the idea of Active Hope and how our envisioned future is dependent upon our participation about what we hope for. He offers four practical ways to practice active hope, that gets us to unstuck from our despair, to propel our potential.
About the Speaker: Brian Nandy, originally from Malaysia, is a psychotherapist with 20 years of experience. His therapeutic approach is to help clients align their vision of success with healthier beliefs.

"Our Breath: The Key to Innovation" by Adrienne Rivera

Synopsis:Adrienne will be speaking about breathwork and how it can be central to our ability to innovate in the 21st century world. Breathwork can naturally alter our state of consciousness to have a psychedelic-like experience which is ideal for enhancing creativity and innovating our future.
About the Speaker: Adrienne Rivera is the founder of Breath of Gold, a business that certifies people to become breathwork facilitators. She specializes in working with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business owners to support them by using breathwork to take their business and life to the next level. Adrienne is also a speaker, best-selling author, and founder of the 12 Week Breath of Gold Journal. She travels the world and leads numerous leadership and breathwork retreats.

"Chronically Online: The Epidemic of The Century" by Alana Lintao

Synopsis: In her talk, Alana discusses the harm that social media’s influence will cause in years to come if people don’t start making changes to their media consumption today. She talks about the relationship between social media and sedentary lifestyles, physical health, and the ever evolving cultural landscape. She aims to use this talk to provide solutions to this silent epidemic and urges people to start participating in those solutions.
About the Speaker: Alana Lintao is a content creator, student, and model. She is widely known for her short-form videos and has worked closely with companies such as Meta, YouTube, Amazon, Uber, and more. Dedicated to using her platforms to spread laughter and joy, she hopes to continue to leave a positive impact on her audience’s lives through her content online.

"The Data-Driven Journey to Optimal Health" by Lindsay O'Neill

Synopsis: Throughout her 20+ year career Lindsay has run teams that built platforms to automate marketing decisions using Big Data in milliseconds! So when she got sick with a chronic inflammatory disease, she turned to her expertise in data collection and utilization to help figure out the cause of her illness and address it effectively. During her career, she was hailed by Forbes, CBS and Crains NY as a top entrepreneur. Lindsay’s SmallHinges.Health Method utilizes efficacious data to identify the most important, yet simple, changes to make your diet and lifestyle for optimal health, happiness and success.
About the Speaker: Lindsay O'Neill is the founder of @smallhinges, Certified Culinary Medicine Chef, Wellness Coach, Board Member of #HalfTheStory and career Ai/Data Technologist. She believes that you DON'T have to change everything to change everything - small hinges swing the big door of positive change. In her TedX talk, Lindsay will take you on a journey to a happier, healthier, longer life, by giving you a data-driven, “Small Hinges” roadmap.

"Growing Up in an Era of Exponential Change" by Nova Pierre Louis

Synopsis: In her talk, Nova shares a personal experience of being almost kidnapped and how it changed her perspective on the world. She discusses the concept of “Future Shock”, which she defines as an overwhelming sense of fear and anxiety due to the rapid pace of change in our world. Nova highlights the challenges and fears that young people face in today’s world, from unemployment to growing economic inequality and calls the world to help young people navigate through these changes.
About the Speaker: Nova Pierre Louis is a youth advocate and social entrepreneur with a focus on empowering and advancing the youth community. She is currently pursuing a degree in business administration with a concentration in entrepreneurship. Nova immigrated from Haiti in 2021 to create a better future for herself and other young people in similar circumstances, and is committed to making a positive impact on the world.

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