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Weight Loss the HEALTHY Way

Sustainable tips and guidelines for losing the weight and keeping it off!

Losing weight is not an exact science, and there is no magic pill or diet that will work overnight. It can also be a dangerous game.

Some of my clients want to be in control of the diet - counting calories - loading up on animal protein, butter, saturated fats - and those people not only have the hardest time losing weight, but they set themselves up for heart and inflammatory disease.

The key to losing weight is actually quite simple: eat better, move more.

Over the last 2 years as a culinary medicine chef I could help with the eat better part... but the move more part was missing. So in 2020 I jumped in to a certification program with ACE Fitness. Now with a strong understanding of both sides of the coin I can really hone my wellness plans to be most effective.

Let's dive in to how this works.

Eat better -

Here's a quick DON'T list... don't...

* Eat fried and processed foods

* Fat/protein load (on average adults need 60g of protein per day - the rest converts to fat)

* Eat refined grains (white flour)

* Load up on non-organic foods

* Eat right before bed

*Drink sugar sweetened beverages, wine, beer and brown alcohol (in excess)

And now for the DO'S... please do...

* Drink 1/2 your body weight in oz of water (if you weigh 150lbs - drink 75oz of water) - helps remove toxins, flush out your digestive system, and eh hem... makes you poop ;)

* Eat lean vegan protein (beans, nuts, veggies)

* Eat WHOLE grains

* Fresh fruits and veggies

* Eat BREAKFAST (to get your metabolism kickstarted), and stop eating 4 hours before bed

* Eat ORGANIC fruits, veggies, meat, and grains that grow on/in the ground and eat off the ground

* Journal about what you like and don't like - try new things (2 per week)

Move more -


* Procrastinate. Sign up for classes, personal training, or with friends who can hold you accountable.

* Go too agro! If you go from never exercising to running a marathon you could hurt yourself. Be careful. Start slow.

* Beat yourself up. If you aren't where you want to be, let it go and try again later.


* What is FUN! I love Zumba, yoga and tennis... doing what you love and enjoy, helps you do it more often.

* Track steps or get a fitness tracker like the Whoop/FitBit/Garmin

* Go for walks with friends, dogs, hikes... take your conference calls on a walk too (while we are still remote, take advantage)

* Celebrate your success - take yourself shopping for new clothes or gear when you hit your goals and milestones.

When I work with clients I focus on DELICIOUS foods & nutrition that helps:

* Reduce inflammation

* Restore healthy gut microbiome

* Make easy changes that are sustainable long-term

* Reduce risk of chronic disease (and maybe even help reverse some - like I did for myself)

* Boost mood and energy for a HAPPIER life

Bottom line - you can lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way... but only if you want to. I'm here to help you on your journey to finding the right small hinge changes and plan that is right for YOU! Reach out anytime -

Wishing you lots of love & yum!



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