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These are a few of my favorite (healthy) things...

Give yourself, and your family, the gift of health this HOLIDAY SEASON and beyond!

Winter time is upon us and colds, flus and COVID are resurging. Here are my favorite immune boosting tips and products for staying healthy all season long*.

KIDS are the main culprit of bringing illness into your home. A healthy kid gives you a better chance of keeping the whole house healthy...

  1. Sugary foods can diminish kids' immune systems and make them more suseptible to illness. Limit sugary treats and beverages as much as possible.

  2. Boost their immunity or cut off illness when it starts with products like these: Echinaforce Junior and Vitamin D3 + K2 for kids

Adults are not off the hook! We can bring home nasty germs and viruses too... Here are a few tips and products for us too:

  1. Sugar negatively affects adults' immune systems too. Avoid sugary beverages and treats as much as possible. That includes cocktails made with sweetened juice, wine, bourbon, gluten, dairy, etc.

  2. SLEEP. It's easy to rush around and stay up late during the holiday season. But getting 7 - 9 hours of restful sleep is vitally important. Try this amazing Melatonin Nasal Spray (use code SMALLHINGES for 15% off) each night 30 minutes before bed... then turn off devices and read something uplifting and calming.

3. Your GUT health dictates your overall health. To keep your gut health you need to eliminate seed oils, fried foods, prepackaged foods, sugary treats and toxins like alcohol, coffee (mold), diet soda, skincare, smoking, stress, etc. You may not be able to rid your life of gut harming things - BUT, you can fortify your gut with these too amazing supplements (ION Gut Support + RAW Probiotic) , which taken together will help flush your body with pre, post & pro-biotics you need rebuild a health gut!

For infections (viral or bacterial) gargle with a drop of oregano oil in warm water and kill the infection at the source. Great for strep or even sinus infections. It MUST be diluted before using topically or in nasal and oral applications (oil or water).

5. Last but not least, this is my go-to for travel. Planes, buses, trains, are packed full of people who are sick but need to see family and travel anyway. Protect yourself with COFIX, Povidone Iodine - made in the USA and clinically studied to destroy COVID and the Flu. I use it 2 - 3 days prior to travel and for 2 - 3 days when I arrive home. You can also use at the outset of symptoms or diagnosis of the flu, cold or COVID. Always rise of the nozzle after use and do not share. Get your own bottle... here is a 2 pack:

You have lots of options to stay healthy this holiday season. Let food be thy medicine. Support your body with the right FUEL (take the Food Inflammation Test to find out what foods are right for you) get good rest, and use my favorite supplements to help prevent and treat illness*!

Wishing you lots of LOVE & YUM for a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season!

~Lindsay O'Neill

*These products are not intended to diagnose or treat any condition (flu covid kids healthy sinus infection strep) This is the opinion of 1 person. Talk to your physician prior to using these products or solutions.

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