Shopping List for Food Inflammation

You can't eat gluten, dairy or eggs... so WHAT will you eat?!? Here are some of my favorite pre-packaged foods to order directly to your door :)

These are a few of my favorite (pre-packaged) THINGS:


JUST EGG, can be used for a scramble, omelet, and I used it in pancakes too... no dairy, no soy, no gluten, NO EGG, no cholesterol... made primarily from mung beans - and somehow taste just like eggs!



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Not sure what your Food Inflammation Triggers are? CLICK HERE to order the KBMO FIT176 test to your home. My provider # is C-11533. Tell them you work with Small Hinges & Lindsay O'Neill. Email us at for help or more info!

Wishing you lots of LOVE & YUM!

- Lindsay O'Neill, Culinary Medicine Chef & Wellness Coach

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