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Re-Integrating Inflammatory Foods

The How. What. When. and WHY of Re-integrating Inflammatory Foods back into your Diet!

You've removed your inflammatory foods from your diet, now what?

In this short video, our founder, Lindsay O'Neill will explain how to re-integrate foods back into your diet for optimal success!

Don't know which foods cause inflammation (pain, bloat, fatigue, rash, break outs, etc.)? You can order a finger-stick test directly to your home: use provider code: C-11533. You can also call or email KBMO at 617-990-5741 or email: - and ask for the Small Hinges FIT test of your choosing.

What test should I do? What is the cost and turnaround time? We offer three different formats of the FIT Test:

  1. FIT 22 (tests the top 22 inflammatory triggers) which does not include zonulin & candida and costs $100.00

  2. FIT 132 (tests 132 foods, additives, colorings) includes zonulin & candida (for gut permeability "leaky gut") and costs $285.00

  3. FIT 176 (tests 176 foods, additives, colorings) which includes zonulin & candida & a sample 7-day meal plan, and costs $385.00

For more info and an interview with Dr. Dorval from KBMO Diagnostics CLICK HERE.

As always, you can reach out to us via email anytime!

Love & yum,


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