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If you could save a Life, would you?

Yesterday I was talking to my husband about our kids, and how we just love the snot out of them! Being in lock down together has really brought us all so close, and I pinch myself all day just watching them play, and run around, and help each other. It’s such a beautiful thing…

Our eldest is 9, and probably the most aware about what’s going on during this unprecedented time. When speaking with my husband I reminisced to when I was 9… and blurted out “ thank God this pandemic didn’t happen when I was 9, because I would not have survived it!”. As soon as the words left my lips I started to well up with tears… because it’s true.

At age 9 my life was upside down inside out and totally chaotic. It stayed that way for many years, and I struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my adolescence.  

Thinking about the added stress of COVID, and having to lock down in an abusive household as a child, gave me chills… I couldn’t help thinking, there are probably hundreds (if not thousands) of kids and teens in that exact situation right now. There are probably single moms who cannot afford rent or groceries, or widows and widowers who lost their loves to this virus… or the business owner who lost everything… how about the caregivers who cannot even be by the bedside with their dying loved ones?

The thoughts of how this virus is affecting our soul, our spirit, our hearts, not just now, but how it will continue to affect us for months and years... brought me to my knees. Thank you God for the life I had, and the perspective it afforded me, so that now I can serve and help others.

Mental wellness has always been an important, but stigma heavy, issue in my life.

Now, more than ever we need to support and care for each other… not just in our physical needs and health, but our soul, our spirit and our heart.

Today is a big day for me, for the last few months I’ve been working on helping a team of amazing and passionate mental health professionals create an integrative wellness practice. We had keys to our amazing space in NYC, and plans to design and construct an amazing traditional and holistic wellness center.  Something never seen before, revolutionary, to help thousands, if not millions heal from mental illness… to give people the tools they need to live happy, productive lives. So that they don’t have to be in therapy forever, so that the stigma of therapy is abolished and we could reform the healthcare system to include mental wellness and care.

Then COVID hit NYC. And now I think our mission is even more critical.

Today is our soft launch. Honestly you are the first people to know that we are launching virtually, and offering integrative, all-encompassing care, but now from the safety of your home. These people that I work with are the best people on the planet. And I feel so blessed to be a part of their mission. I mean, for me, Lindsay (Mure) ONeill, to come from the life that I had, and the struggles I’ve worked so hard to overcome, to live my PAIN as my PURPOSE… it’s just a dream. Even if I can help save 1 person, then my life, my work, my pain,  is justified.

So I have a challenge for all of you. There are people out there that you know that need a friend and need support. They may not raise their hand and scream for help, but they are there, suffering in silence. Reach out to them. One person per day. Listen to them. Share your story, your fear, your anxiety.

Be there for someone. Just by reaching out you may have saved that persons’ life. You may have saved their kids’ lives.

Let’s start this ripple effect together. The world is going to change, and we can help set into something better. A world that is brighter, a world that is happier and full of love.

Will you do that for me? Will you step outside of your comfort zone and be there for someone else? You are my hero, and right now, we need all of the heroes we can get. Thank you, and stay tuned for our full launch. We will have free workshops and classes, along with individual and group therapy and coaching, nutrition consulting, meditation and mindful movement for EVERYONE!

Thank you so much for accepting this challenge. I love you. Stay safe!



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