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Hot Girl Summer

Summer is here! Are you ready?

Hot girl summer is not just about looking your best and socializing in the Hamptons, Jersey Shore, or traveling Europe. You can diet, exercise, have your hairs done, mani/pedi, wax, chem peel, laser, whatever... but to truly live a HOT GIRL SUMMER you need these 5 small hinge tricks...

Meals - Eat farm fresh! The summer is a great time to eat REAL food. Visit your local farm stand or farmer and get your food direct from the source - or grow your own! You don't need those extra additives and toxins bringing you down!

Mindset - Make space for the possible. Summer is a time of growth and new experiences. Stop hanging on to old energy that isn't serving you. Let that ish GO girl! Make space for new connections, magical memories, and trying new things!

Movement - Get outside. Take every opportunity to absorb nature's healing and revitalizing frequencies and nutrients. Have a work call? Talk from a nice stroll on the beach. Need to decompress after a long day? Hike in the mountains and bathe in the stream.

Motivation - Have an attitude of Gratitude. Each morning write down the things that you're grateful for - everything from the bed you slept in to the car you drive, the food you eat, your health, happiness, etc. Seeds of depression, hate, anxiety, sadness... cannot take root in a grateful heart.

Magic - Be the magic you want to attract. Hone in on your magic - your purpose, gifts, passions, and share them with others. Help others (when asked), and be generous with your time, focus and spirit. Sharing your magic amplifies it and makes you glow radiantly inside and out.

I'm ready. Are you? LFG summer!

Love & yum,


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