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Are Your Genes Causing Weight Gain?...

...and other health issues?

Join Lindsay O'Neill for this 30 minute informative webinar on the MTHFR genetic mutation and it's affects on storing fat, limiting detoxification, and causing nutrient deficiency.

Culinary Medicine is an amazingly transformative practice. I've worked with dozens of people throughout the years, helping to educate and support them their their health transitions. Releasing weight, healing from disease, reducing inflammation, boosting energy, fostering mental wellness, and even increasing sexual vitality.

But some people seem STUCK... and it's rarely a factor of effort or desire... in many cases, it's all about genetics. Our bodies change often. Even our internal chemistry changes. But the one constant is our genetics.

So when my stuck clients say things like "it's no use, I've tried everything, it's just in my genes..." I tend to believe them.

5 years ago I learned about my MTHFR genetic mutation and how it has been negatively impacting my health for decades! Since then I’ve become somewhat of an expert in the MTHFR genetic mutation, and how to lessen the effects of it. I’m not a doctor, nor a geneticist, but I am a data scientist who has had a very successful, 20 year career in data and Ai applications in advertising and marketing technology, solving problems for global businesses.

Data is not just important in business applications, but it is vitally important in our HEALTH.

In this 30 minute webinar I will walk you through my data, research and real-life results in supporting MY body, and my clients, with the diet & lifestyle changes necessary to promote health when we are genetically predisposed to illness, obesity, chronic inflammation , and nutritional deficiencies.

It is my hope that you watch this video all the way through, and reach out to me with any questions

LOVE & YUM, Lindsay

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