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5 Fall Grilling Tips for Optimal Health

Not your mama's tailgate party! 5 Quick Grilling Tips to Boost Health :)

Summer is over, the weather is cooling down, but the grill is still HOT! Here are my Top 5 Grilling Tips for a Healthy & Happy Fall:

1) Grill 3 times per week, to get outside, breathe fresh air, bask in the sun, and stay present - according to experts, getting outside can drastically lessen your stress & anxiety AND boost vitamin D levels, which is important for your bones, blood cells and immune system.

2) Grill your veggies - grilling veggies instead of boiling them actually helps to lock in nutrients, while adding flavor. A simple toss with EVOO, salt & pepper before your grill them will keep them from sticking and boost the flavor profile. Try: squash, zucchini, carrots, fennel, leeks, eggplant, broccoli, sweet potato, etc.

3) Don't leave out the fruit! You can also grill fruit, to add flavorful fiber and added nutrients to your meal. Try grilled pineapple, apples, peaches, or mango for dessert!

4) Lean protein becomes leaner! By grilling chicken, fish, pork, and beef, the fat melts off into the fire, but the protein and nutrients are locked in.

5) Keep it simple & CLEAN - you don't need to add heavy, sugary sauces and marinades to get great flavor. Add a few mesquite chips, or cook on live fire (wood or charcoal) to add flavor. Use organic spices, good EVOO, and pink Himalayan salt.

Want more Tips and 1-on-1 coaching from me? CLICK HERE.

Love & yum!


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