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Ammortal Airstream - PB April 5th

Exclusive VIP Experience in the Ammortal Airstream

  • 45 min
  • PGA Boulevard

Service Description

The AMMORTAL Airstream contains both the Chamber (33 minutes) & Catalyst (11 - 22 minutes), for a transformational, “magical” healing experience. There is no cost with this invite. Simply reserve your spot, or speak with your Ammortal rep. The Chamber is Ammortal’s “Master Tool”. It is the quintessential fully-immersive healing experience, that rejuvenates the whole of your being. The Chamber harmonizes and amplifies your body, mind and spirit, through a guided experience that blends light, vibration, magnetics, molecular hydrogen, music, meditation, breath work, and intention. Unlock your full potential. The Catalyst (the core technology in the Chamber), is a foundational health optimization device that activates, aligns and revitalizes your body and mind, using Multiwave Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields. The science at its core provides ample evidence for enhancing muscle recovery, improving injury resilience, stabilizing mood, and improving everything from mobility, flexibility and sleep, to libido.

Contact Details

  • Embassy Suites by Hilton Palm Beach Gardens PGA Boulevard, PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA

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