Culinary Medicine - That Tastes SO Good
a few of my favorite things...

Clean Crafted

"I can't drink wine anymore"... the added sugar, sulfites, fish parts (ewww) make me feel gross messed up my sleep patterns and hungover. When I found Scout & Cellar my world changed. NOW I can drink a whole bottle and feel great the best day LOL.



When Victoria and I launched our TV show: TheHealthyDish.TV we committed to bring our audience the BEST quality recipes, ingredients and entertainment. 

The recipes and entertainment came easily, now we are bringing you the BEST products!


Culinary CBD

Culinary CBD is organic, sustainably sourced, vegan and Kosher. It's so clean you could drink it straight from the bottle or add it into your fave smoothie, tea, coffee, salad dressing etc. 

You can purchase it with a consult from me above.

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